Learning Unity 2D physics and puzzle making

I'm working on a prototype for a game... and I made a little video about it.   You can play the game (such as it is) on


on tutorials I haven’t made

Tutorials are time consuming and difficult - mainly because I refuse to make them without having already gone through the whole process and written out all the code before I start. (lots of the crappy tutorials out there make you sit and watch while the creator clicks around the screen mindlessly searching for the thing… Continue reading on tutorials I haven’t made

Character Selection from a Lobby in Unity Here is a continuation of sorts from my Character Selection tutorial.  This time the avatars are chosen in a lobby - where everyone has to wait before the game begins. Here is the PowerPoint I used in the video - in case you'd rather read than watch:   Character Selection from a lobby in Unity… Continue reading Character Selection from a Lobby in Unity